Utilizing the latest online trading social features, trading platform eToro has created a program which rewards successful traders when they share their knowledge.

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The Internet revolution has created a situation in which nearly anyone can invest and trade on the stock market. Becoming a day-trader in today’s world is simpler than ever: All you need is an internet connection and you can choose between an array of online investment platforms. Using Contract for Difference instruments (CFDs), which enable traders to bid on stocks going up or down without needing to actually own them, anyone can trade stocks, commodities, currencies and other assets. However, the online revolution has much more to offer than just access to the market – social features have given day-trading elements and tools that simply didn’t exist before – including new ways of earning an income.

One attractive option is eToro’s Popular Investor program, which rewards successful traders for letting others benefit by automatically copying their trading actions. The Popular Investor program, which leans on the platform’s CopyTrader™ feature, gives traders the option to create a following and get special perks that add up to significant monthly payments.

Over the past few years, online trading platforms have begun harnessing the power of the crowds, adding various social elements to their platforms. eToro, which is the world’s leading social investment platform, has placed an emphasis on letting its clients benefit from the fact that it has over six millions users worldwide. By introducing a social news feed, and enabling clients to interact with one-another, it has evolved into a social media platform for traders, who can share their wisdom and gain from each other’s experience.